Conceptual Studies

Conceptual Study

At EPPOS we provide Conceptual Engineering studies compatible with current and future Industry and Technology Trends | Financial constraints and Long term Risks for both Brownfield and Greenfield Projects. Our Conceptual studies enable Clients to determine the Cost | Duration and Risks of Proposed Capital Investments. EPPOS Team of Consultants Engineers and Partners provide:

Technical Feasibility Studies

Commercial Feasibility Studies

Alternative Technical options

Schedule and Time Estimates

Operating Costs Assessments [Short | Long Term]

Specific industry standards and local and government regulations that apply to your operation

EPPOS Engineers strive to provide constructible solutions that can be executed by a wider range of Contractors making the bidding process more competitive and once completed can be effectively operated and maintained. We provide counselling on the best Industry Practices and Solutions that optimize operations | Reduce costs and risks whilst keeping down-time to a minimum.

EPPOS aim to de-risk projects as much as technically possible to avoid direct and indirect Costs and Delays at the Construction Phase and determine inherent and residual Risks enabling a more efficient management during Operation. EPPOS accumulated Industry experience has in depth knowledge of the critical Projects’ component and how these fit together including but not limited to:


National and international Rules and Regulations

Building and Civil works

Mechanical and Piping works

Process and Control design parameters

Electrical distribution systems

Communication systems

Automation systems

Our conceptual studies also consider Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) aspects, and we offer risk evaluations and environmental screenings to safeguard People and the Environment. EPPOS can assist Clients identify legislative and environmental requirements and advise about environmental programs comprising all necessary steps for obtaining Approvals and Permits.