Independed 2nd Party Engineer

Without a qualified inspection, evaluation and validation, a new-build or rehabilitation project could suffer from unidentified risks and defects during the Construction and Operation ,leading to substantial loss of Revenue. EPPOS can provide independent 2nd Party Expertise to assist Clients make informed decisions regarding manufacturers and component suppliers, and to avoid weak points in plant construction and operation.

EPPOS engineering consultants have international project experience that allows us to build strong relationships with component fabricators and manufacturers. Hence, providing reliable support in planning, management, supplier evaluation and personnel training for plant construction and operation worldwide.

Vendor Inspection

EPPOS Engineering consultants can accommodate any purchase order requirement raised by our customers and witness important tests and inspections such as material certificate review, material identification, welding inspection, NDE test review, dimensional control, hydro-static testing, mechanical running testing, performance testing, painting inspection, packing and marking inspection and loading inspection.

Vendor Expediting

We actively ensure suppliers operate within purchase order requirements and meet agreed delivery times.

Site Inspection

We oversee modular integration as well as the installation of offshore platforms, jackets, hulls, decks, piles, quarters and topside equipment.

Supply Chain Management Services

Our supplier assessments, also known as “fabrication surveys”, allow for a detailed evaluation of the supplier’s capabilities prior to issuing a purchase order. Additional quality planning and system implementation services can be provided using experienced quality specialists.

Safeguard your investment

With realistic assessment of potential risk and growth opportunities for maximum predictability in investments, planning and use.

Improve cost efficiency

By using our integrated service approach to ensure holistic assessment of your project and identify areas for cost savings.

Save time and improve process efficiency

By outsourcing planning and construction to an expert partner that delivers single-source control.

Benefit from one-stop solutions