Doing it right when no one is looking

EPPOS is a completely independent, impartial energy, industrial and urban consultancy recognized for its commercial and technical expertise. Our consolidated engineering consultants have developed a track record and reputation with clients in Norway, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, USA, Africa and Middle East for providing technical advice and services to several challenging projects throughout all stages of an assignment from conceptual study to commissioning and handing over. Our management skills, combined with our pragmatic technical understanding adds value and insight to these challenges.

We are specializing in heavy industrial and urban engineering design, construction supervision and technical assistance, in the areas of Power Generation plants, Oil and Gas Storage facilities, Combined Cycle Power plants, Medium and High Pressure Natural Gas stations and pipelines, Refineries modernization, Revamping, Waste Water Treatment plants, Water & Desalination units, as well to Building, Urban, Architectural, Civil and Marine developments.

At EPPOS we are practicing exceptional skills in asset management, due diligence, change management and management improvement, providing value-added services in the industries we are proud to serve.

Transparency and trust

We insist on the highest standards of integrity in all we do. We assure that fairness, openness, and honesty applies to all our consolidators and affiliated consultants. As a result, we are trusted and respected for our integrity and the high quality of everything that we do.